Serving temperature: 10 °C


  Soil type: light clayey
Vinification: to obtain the BRICCO wine, gentle pressing of grapes is first carried out. The draining must is then put into stainless steel vats for static decanting (only cold decanting) in order to divide all heavy particles making the liquid turbid. After decanting, particles are eliminated with one racking and must fermentation can start. Fermentation takes place at 16 °C after inoculation with selected yeasts. When fermentation ends, the wine is poured off and maturation starts, always in stainless steel vats at controlled temperature.
Refinement: in stainless steel vat at controlled temperature
Number of bottles: about 10.000
Acidity: 6,2 g/l
Alcoholic grading: 13 % v.


Visual examination: straw-yellow colour, clear and rather consistent
Olfactory examination: wine of good intensity and complexity, delicate and properly persistent. Intense fruity and floral notes; classical nectarine and apricot notes, together with broom flower, emerge. Pleasant herbal traces in the finish. With ageing, classical touches of almond come out
Gustatory examination: dry, fairly warm and fresh. Good balance on the palate and persistent. Full bodied wine sustained by good freshness of acidity. Softness, given by alcohols and polyalcohols, is nicely balanced with hardness, given by acidity
Gastronomic matches: table wine, excellent for appetizers, fish and white meat dishes

WINE FEATURES: it goes well with many dishes, good and simple drinkability, personal and never monotonous wine

AGEING: Bricco shows a remarkable bottle evolution during the three years following vintage date

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