Welcome!! My name is Elisa and it is my pleasure to receive you at COLOMBERA… We find ourselves in the small village of Vho, 5 kilometers away from Tortona.

The 22 hectares of vineyards are almost all gathered near the cellars, they are COLOMBERA’s beating heart. Our passion for the work of the viticulturer and the vineryardist spurs us to constantly look for highest quality grapes. Through the work in the cellar, these grapes will then give their best in our wines. Through tasting you can breathe the scents of Tortona hills and enjoy the flavour of Vho lands.

My grandfather Renato reached Cascina Colombera in 1937, after that his own farmstead was destroyed.
He decides, together with his father Pietro and his mother Maria, to cultivate these lands and in the ’50s
he plants the first vineyards.

His son Piercarlo soon warms to his father’s work, assists him in the vineyards but prefers to work
in the fields, on tractors and combine harvesters. From the ’70s on, the importance of the farm’s
winemaking side grows and my father Piercarlo understands that a turning point was going to be
reached. He decides to stop selling the grapes to traders and co-operative wine cellar and starts
producing his first wines. During the years his techniques in the cellar grow more refined, thanks
to experience and precious advices.

He starts selling all the wine he produces directly to
private citizens, coming to Cascina Colombera thanks
to the word-of-mouth of friends and acquaintances.

In 1997 he starts thinking to enlarge the agricultural
holding that by now has reached 14 hectares of vineyards,
and there is a new project…

In 1998 he carries out the first selection of barbera
grapes from the oldest vineyard, “Vigna Brusà”,
that had been planted by Renato, and, after
thorough ageing, there it is the first wine
bottle of Colombera …


Since 2000, we’ve produced other two red wines, VEGIA RAMPANA from barbera grapes and SUCIAJA from nibiò, an autochthonous grape variety belonging to the family of dolcetto grapes. As far as 2000 white wines are concerned, we’ve produced the TIMORASSO, from white berry grapevine, and the BRICCO BARTOLOMEO, from cortese grape variety. Then, in 2002 still another red wine, COLLE DEL GRILLO (from freisa grapes), and in 2003 ARCHE’ (from croatina grapes).
For the year 2006 we have been thinking about two reds for the day, a young barbera and a reserve. We’ve called this new project CASTEL ZENONE, like the castle once standing in Vho.

Between 2000 and 2005 I followed the sensory analysis of all the grapes to mature timorasso, I chose one of the five vineyards Montino because in the period of study has always had the best grapes. In 2006, for the first time the grapes vinified separately, and thus saw the Montino timorasso representing the Colombera.

  La Colombera - Azienda Agricola Piercarlo Semino

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