Serving temperature: 18 °C


  Soil type: clayey
Vinification: traditional on skins, once grapes reach the cellar stripping takes place and the liquid, together with the skins, is left in stainless steel vats at controlled temperature. Within 24 hours the skins usually gather on the surface forming the so-called “cap”. After inoculation with selected yeasts, fermentation starts. Skin maceration on the must lasts, depending on the year’s harvest, a period going from 12 to 15 days maximum. It gives colour and releases in the must the tannins present on the skins. Maceration takes place at the same time as fermentation. Once maceration ends, skins are taken off and, if residual sugars are still present, fermentation goes on, always paying attention that the temperature doesn’t exceed 31 °C. Once fermentation ends, one racking is carried out and then the wine matures in barriques. After 9 months it is taken away from the wood barrels and refinement goes on in stainless still vats.
Refinement: in barriques
Number of bottles: 3600
: 6 g/l
Alcoholic grading: 13,5% v.


Visual examination: clear, intense ruby-red colour
Olfactory examination: the nose of this wine comes out to be always a peculiar experience not comparable to other tastings. Nibiò grapes offer spicy notes and an alternation of fruity and floral touches, very delicate and astounding. Pepper, vanilla and tobacco merge with red fruit scents, following each other continually
Gustatory examination: full bodied on the palate, it is defined by a delicate, velvety and long tannin. The wine is warm and soft, sustained by a never prevaricating freshness
Gastronomic matches: half-seasoned cheeses and processed pork meats, grilled and roasted meats

WINE FEATURES: nibiò grapevine belongs to the family of dolcetto grapes, but during the years it has developed autonomously. Exceptional tasting experience, today only three producers still offer this wine

AGEING: in order to enjoy the wine fragrance and freshness the best period to taste it is within four-eight years of vintage. After ten years from vintage date, spicy and ethereal scents are much more evident.

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