The 20 hectares of vineyards forming Colombera agricultural holding lie at Vho and a small part also at Sarezzano, in any case not more than 2 kilometers away from the cellar of vinification. Vineyard planting, pruning, canes tying down, thinning and grape harvesting are all hand made. For all our vineyards we’ve chosen south-east exposure, in order to give leafs and bunches the best sun exposure possible. Ventilation on these hills is excellent. The soil is clayey, prevalently dark, but with light spots here and there. The altitude above sea level goes from 220 to 300 meters. The growing method is counter espalier with guyot pruning. Vineyards are all planted “a ritocchino”, that is to say they are arranged according to the length of the hill. The name of this system derives from the fact that, in past times, the ox working in the vineyard came down the hill erected and climbed it bent down.
From these 20 hectares of vineyards we obtain the grapes used for the wine to be sold in bulk to private citizens in the cellar, that is to say LA COLOMBERA. Grapes for bulk wine are selected from younger vineyards, for LA COLOMBERA on the contrary grapes are selected only from older vineyards; every best vineyard reflects a wine.
  La Colombera - Azienda Agricola Piercarlo Semino

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